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Learn About Cryptos

What is a cryptocurrency ?

In very simple terms, cryptocurrency is digital currency. Cryptocurrency is free from all government or bank interference. It has no intrinsic value, no physical form, and isn't determined by a central bank, like your fiat currency.

How do they work ?

Cryptos rely on blockchain technology for the transactions to be sent from one entity to another. This is done on an intricate peer-to-peer network. Once a transaction has been confirmed, it cannot be reversed, not even by yourself.

Lilly Allen is into bitcoin now.
Lilly Allen, singer.

Allen was offered hundreds of thousands of bitcoins to perform for an online concert, but turned down the offer. By 2014, the amount she had been offered exceeded her net worth 20x over.

She has since become quite the bitcoin fan since.

Bill Gates holds bitcoin.
Bill Gates, billionaire

Bitcoin is exciting because it shows how cheap it can be. Bitcoin is better than currency in that you don’t have to be physically in the same place and, of course, for large transactions, currency can get pretty inconvenient

Floyd Mayweather invests in crypto.
Floyd Mayweather, boxer 

Even retired boxer Floyd Mayweather jumped on the cryptocurrency bandwagon, investing in the ICO, as well as that for Hubii Network. You can now refer to him as Floyd 'Crypto' Mayweather.

Buy and hold your cryptocurrency with IQ Option

If you haven't heard of the term cryptocurrency, or bitcoin, by now, you must be living underneath a rock. It has been on everybody's tongues of late, especially for the better part of 2017. Interest in cryptocurrencies has witnessed incredible growth, especially since the most popular of them, bitcoin, went from relative obscurity to reach almost $20,000 per BTC by year's end.

Bitcoin isn't the only crypto you can buy and hold with IQ Option. There are 25 other coins that you can invest in, and these include IOTA, EOS, Omisego, TRON, Ethereum, Stellar, and Bitcoin Cash. Additional ones are expected to be added to the platform over the course of the year. The trading fees for buying and holding are a respectable 2.9% only, making this one of the most competitive rates in the industry.

Buy your crypto with a credit card

Buy crypto with a deit or credit card.
Webmoney is accepted for crypto purchases
Use Netellr or Skrill to buy your cryptos like bitcoin.
Use teh wire transfer option for your crypto purchases.


Please note that traders from these countries cannot use IQ Option; USA, Canada, Israel, Iran, Australia, Palestine, Pakistan, Syria, Sudan, North Korea, Japan, Latvia,  Portugal, Turkey, and Russia.

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