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How do I trade forex ?

So, you have your IQ Option open, and are presented with this, but have no clue what to do...

Need help with forex indicators ?


This is where the use of indicators and tools comes into play. IQ Option has an array of these, that you can use to your advantage. The indicators one can find on the platform are;

  1. ADX

  2. RSI

  3. Bollinger Bands

  4. Stochastic Oscillator

  5. MACD

  6. MA (Moving Average)

  7. Awesome Oscillator

  8. ATR

  9. Parabolic SAR

  10. Fractal

  11. CCI

  12. Alligator

  13. Belkhayate Timing

  14. KDJ

  15. Ichimoku Cloud


Must you use all these indicators ? No, of course not. Usually, just 2 or 3 will do. You need to play around with them, and figure out which ones you like.

IQ Option has a number options for you to trade. You can choose between CFD's (stocks like Apple, Chevron, and Coca-Cola), Forex, Options (also known as binary options), Crypto trading, and Digital. The aforementioned indicators can also be employed when using "Options".

Let's have a walk through each of these indicators. Let's start with the ADX.

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